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: 50%- 3avape

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    50%- 3avape


    My name is Justin and I am one of the 3avape owners. It seems there are some misunderstanding and trouble caused by the post by our marketing colleague.

    I didnt know about the 50% discount post here until someone contacted me on skype two days ago,and I really got shocked when he consulted me about that.

    Most of our 3avape stuff have already been offered 10%-50% discount and free shipping,that's the real meaning our marketing staff wanted to express,but he dont kow how to explain it more specific in ukrainian,and just posted that without any discussion with me.

    Pls kindly understand that as we have offer discount on each items and free shipping,it's impossible to offer 50% discount for all orders,or we will go bankrupt.To check the truth here:

    Started in early 2012,3avape are trying to be one of the biggest vape store.We look forward to do long-term business with all our customers,so we wont lie to our customers.

    I cant promise all products in 3avape are the lowest,but most of our stuff come with 10%-50% discount,and we have many new and unique items in store.

    This is the first time we are trying to focus on Ukraine market,I want to make this clear here,but I dont know how to say it in ukrainian,just in case that there will be any other misunderstanding by google translate,hope my words in english could be better.

    Again,really sorry if any misunderstanding or trouble caused by us and we will do something to make up for this.
    3avape; 14.07.2015 18:30.

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    Re: 50%- 3avape

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    Re: 50%- 3avape

    Honestly, better repeat your message on english too. This Google Translate is totally not understandable, as for me.

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    Re: 50%- 3avape

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